May 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten

In a portion of “Jesus’ Farewell Discourse”, Reverend Doyle explains that Jesus was giving his disciples/church a resource for life and faith for the present.  Listen for more on Sunday’s sermon based on John 14:23-29.

April 2013


In John 13:31-35, Jesus gives the 11th commandment, the one that trumps the other ten.  Listen as Reverend Doyle explains how this commandment is relevant to all Christians living between Jesus’ resurrection and his return.

We Need A Shepherd

In John 10:22-30, Jesus was telling the disciples that his flock was expanding.  Today Jesus offers us exactly what we need: to belong.  Listen as Reverend Doyle explains more.

Gone Fishin’

Jesus meets us where we are open for him and gives us what we need.  Listen to Reverend Doyle’s sermon from John 21:1-19.

I Don’t Doubt It

John 20:19-31 gives us the ultimate promise of Easter; that is, a relationship with Jesus was not and is not limited to His disciples!

March 2013

Called By Name

Jesus’ encounter with Mary in John 20:1-18 is the theological core of scripture.  We are never alone, Christ is always calling us by name.  Intimacy with the Father is open to everyone!

Jesus’ Passion

We remember Holy Week from Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem through his death on the cross; using the scriptures from Luke 19:28-40 and Luke 22:14 to 23:56.

Extravagant Love

From John 12:1-8 we read that perfume filled the air.  Was it the smell of death or of love?  Listen to Reverend Doyle’s sermon and find out more.

Why All the Fuss?

Reverend Sharp speaks on the Prodigal Son passage from Luke 15:1-3 and 11b-32, and shows us that this multifaceted story contains the best image of God and His grace.

Put Down That Ax!

In Luke 13:1-9, Jesus responds to calamities of his time by telling us to be a fig tree.  Listen to Reverend Sharp’s sermon to learn more.