August 2013

Whose Side Are You On?

In Luke 12:49-56, Jesus says things we don’t want to hear.  He set the example by facing his future unflinchingly, head-on.  He wants us as His followers, to face our futures, too.  Listen to more of His words to us today.

Outward and Inward Faith

Hebrews chapters 11 and 12 are a great sermon, and well thought out.  Doyle encourages us to read both chapters of Hebrews in their entirety as he speaks specifically on Hebrews 11:1-3 and 8-16, telling us that faith always looks forward, it is an action, not a thought process.

Packing For Heaven

Real love is measured by our willingness to share our possessions.  We can’t take it with us!  Listen to the sermon from Luke 12:13-21.

July 2013

Never Too Late To Learn

Do The Right Thing

What Must I Do?

From Luke 10:25-37, Jesus tells us our “neighbor” is the one who has problems.  And who doesn’t?  The ultimate good Samaritan shows mercy because God shows us mercy.  Listen to Doyle explain more.

The Sent Ones

Being the body of Christ includes all of us, not just the paid professionals.  Luke 10:1-10, 16-20 reminds us that we must struggle with living this mission, to allow people to be what God made them to be, while we offer God’s healing.

June 2013

No Turning Back

In Luke 9:51-62, Jesus calls all of us to unconditional discipleship.  In this call, we are not guaranteed a bed of roses, but we are guaranteed God’s faithful presence.

The Lord of Life

Jesus is with us!  Listen to Doyle’s insights on Luke 7:11-17.

Beyond The Wind

Tim Boyer shares with us his thoughts and insights after touring the devastation and leading a work team in in Moore, Oklahoma.