May 2014

On The Road Again

In the familiar Walk to Emmaus passage from Luke 24:13-35, Doyle tells us that Christ always walks with us, but we rarely recognize him.  He challenges us to see Christ every day.  Listen for more.

April 2014

Reaping the Reward

I Peter is not a feel-good-about-Christianity letter, but an epistle of courage, pilgrimage and hope.  Listen for more as Doyle brings a word to the youth (and the rest of us) on this Conformation Sunday.

Christ Is Risen!

Using Matthew 28:1-10, Doyle reminds us of our “Resurrection Faith”, that Jesus is with us.  As in the first chapter of Matthew, chapter 28 declares that Jesus is “Emmanuel; God with us”.  Listen for more.

What Shall I Do With Jesus?

During this Lenten season, we have been traveling with Jesus to Jerusalem.  We know how this story ends, but without the passion, the death & resurrection of Christ is of no importance.  Listen for more on Matthew 27:11-54.


Just because you are a friend of Jesus, you do not escape troubles and heartache.  However, those troubles are not the end of the world.  Jesus is the giver of new life and he gives us this life here and now.  Listen to the rest of the sermon from John 11:1-45.

March 2014

What’s So Amazing About Grace?

Sufferings in this world are caused by people turning away from God’s grace.  Doyle speaks from his heart today as he brings us the message from John 9:1-41.

Night School

Listen to Doyle’s sermon about Jesus and Nicodemus’ meeting taken from John 3:1-17.


Jesus did not let Satan divert his attention to what matters… pleasing God.  Matthew 4:1-11 shows us how to face temptation, which is to stop it before it becomes a sin.  Listen for more.

Mountain Top Experiences

In Matthew 17:1-9, Peter, James and John are given a glimpse into Jesus’ glory; and what they will need to remember when times get hard later.  Pastor Doyle encourages us to also remember our own mountain-top experiences; for courage and strength when life gets hard.

February 2014

Stand Up Straight