February 2014

It’s on the Table

In Deuteronomy 30:15-20, God tells us what is expected when we choose His way.  Tim Boyer, guest speaker, explains some of the things that keep us from choosing God’s way.

Of Salt and Light

God desires reconciliation for a peaceful world.  In Matthew, 5:13-20, Doyle explains the salt and light we Christians are to be to the world.

No Brag, Just Facts

In I Corinthians 1:18-31, we find the church in Corinth was like us today; they let the world define what matters.  But the things we put stock in have no influence with God.  Paul tells us what we can boast about. Listen as Doyle digs deeper into this scripture.

January 2014

United We Stand

Spend your energy on the gospel message itself, not on infighting.  That was Paul’s message to the people of Corinth and it is Doyle’s message to us today.  Listen to these words inspired by I Corinthians 1:10-18.

Making Disciples

“Come and see.”  Andrew shared his faith with those around him.  Listen as Doyle shared what we can take from Andrew’s example in John 1:29-42.

Baptism – Is It For You?

On this Baptism of the Lord Sunday in the church year, Doyle explains the United Methodist Church’s view of baptism; but also elaborates on how it is God’s action toward us.  Listen to his message inspired by Matthew3:13-17.

Three Men and a Baby

Epiphany is one last long look at the manger scene.  The wise men were the first non-Jewish worshipers of Jesus, which gives us a chance to ponder God’s grace to us.

December 2013

True Grit

In Matthew 2:13-23, Joseph is told to go to Egypt… the land of captivity.  How can God ask this?

The Kingdom Is Near

The scene in Matthew 3:1-12 reveals John the Baptist, reminding us to confess our need for God’s grace.  Listen to Reverend Doyle’s sermon with this link.

Ready or Not, Here I Come!

It’s the first Sunday in Advent.  Why is Reverend Doyle preaching on Matthew 24:36-44?  Listen to the sermon to find out why we are called to be ready!