November 2013

Christ IS King

Christ is the image of the invisible God and gives meaning to all creation.  Listen to more of Reverend Doyle’s sermon on Colossians 1:11-20.

October 2013

What Now?

In Luke 18:1-8 Jesus tells the story of a persistent woman who gets what she asks for.  But we generally miss the real reason he told this parable.  Listen to Doyle explain what Jesus’ message is to us.


Luke 17:11-19 tells the story of Jesus healing some lepers.  Only one came back to thank him.  Are we guilty of this behavior too?

Pass It On

Listen to Doyle’s sermon on II Timothy 1:1-14.

September 2013


Money matters to all of us.  Many of us base our self-worth and identity on our pay checks.  But money and power are not enough.  God has the true riches.  Listen to Reverend Doyle explain Paul’s scripture in I Timothy 6:6-19.

Settling Accounts

Luke 16:1-13 is a difficult passage.  Jesus seems to be commending dishonesty.  However, as Doyle explains, the point of the parable concerns the place of stewardship in our lives.  It is important to be faithful in everything we are given.

For Example,

The Apostle Paul claimed he was the worst of sinners.  How could this be?  Remember that before the great Apostle Paul, there was the religious terrorist, Saul.  As Paul used himself, we all are called to use our testimony to tell others about Christ.  Listen to Doyle explain this based on I Timothy 1:12-17.

Take My Brother, Please

Imprisoned in Rome, about to be martyred, Paul exposes his heart.  Listen to Paul’s love and instructions in what is thought to be his last letter, Philemon.

Authentic, High-Impact Hospitality

Instead of trying to impress other folks, maybe a better goal for us as Christians is seeking God’s blessings and favor.  Our worth comes from acceptance by God rather than others.  Let’s become people who exalt others rather than ourselves.  Listen to more on Luke 14:1, 7-14 with this link.

August 2013

Compassion or Compliance?

Luke 13:10-17 is an example of Jesus’ inclusion of all people into the kingdom of God.  He noticed and healed the repressed, as the woman in this scripture.  Rules and regulations are important, but what matters to God is people.  Listen to more with this link.