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Two St. Paul’s members traveled to Bolivia in early December 2012 and spent a week meeting people and researching a new VIM (Volunteers In Mission) project to improve the water supply in the small community of Konani.

Konani is located in a region called the Altiplano, meaning “high plateau”, a vast, high desert region in the heart of the Andes mountains.  The Altiplano is parched scrub and sagebrush country for 500 miles north and south, and 300 miles east and west; all lying at an elevation over 12,000 ft.  It’s an arid, barren, hardscrabble environment.

Bolivia is a Spanish-speaking nation, but it has the greatest percentage of indigenous population of any nation on earth.  And, Spanish is not the native language of Bolivia.  Bolivia has been inhabited by the same people for centuries; the Aymara.  We think of the Spanish Conquistadors in South America who arrived to find and conquer the Incan empire.  But who did the Incans find when they arrived?  The Aymara, whose existence there dates back to the time of Christ, and who still retain their colorful language.  When you see the colorful clothing and handicrafts of Bolivia, you are glimpsing the ancient Aymaran culture.

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