Stephen Ministry Care Giving Program

St. Paul’s is a Stephen Care Ministry congregation.  A Stephen Minister cares; God cures.


What is Stephen Ministry?

It is a care-giving program where a lay person, who is a trained listener, has a one-on-one confidential relationship with a person experiencing some type of difficulty.

Visiting with a Stephen Minister

Stephen Ministers are typically placed in situations involving a wide range of difficulties including such things as depression, stress, loneliness, illness, hospitalization, and other things.  Every effort is made to place those wanting to visit with a Stephen Minister with a compatible trained person.  Visiting with a Stephen Minister does not ins any way replace the responsibility of visiting with the Pastor.  Stephen Ministry can simply extend the care a person can receive.


Becoming a Stephen Minister

The Stephen Minister fifty hour training course is offered every other year at the church beginning in September if enough interest is shown.  The Stephen Ministries office in St. Louis provides materials.  The training topics include; Confidentiality, Becoming an Effective Listener; and Identifying and Coping with Feelings.  Also included are various specialized topics such as depression, death, divorce and others.


Jesus said, “This is My commandment; that you love one another as I have loved you.”  (John 15:12)


If you would like to become a Stephen Minister, or know of someone who might benefit from our help, please contact us with this link. 


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